Moving Forward

Each day is just one foot in front of the other.

Today I had a second interview with a company that I’m pretty excited about. Its a great start and am crossing my fingers that tomorrows meeting with the GM will seal the deal. I was on cloud nine till I sabotaged myself by looking at my ex’s facebook page. Honestly I just wanted to know he was okay as the last time we spoke things were not good for him at all. That was a week ago. Well it seems that as much as he said he needed to focus on the things in his life and get on the right track he meant with someone else at his side.  This is like a punch in the gut because he never made me doubt us or what we were to each other. Just that his life had crashed down and he really needed to focus on getting things back in order and fighting for custody of his son. Oh well I know I’m moving on to bigger and better things and someone who would lie or hold back as much as I have found out he did is not what I want nor need in my life. So knowing he has truly moved on makes it easier to let go and not even worry about him at all.

Now about the Job…I do not want to tell yet as I have one more interview before they offer it to me (I hope) But I am crossing my fingers that I can post tomorrow telling you all about it. If I get this one it is truly a whole new beginning. A new area of town, new industry, new people…. It’s pretty exciting for me. So all of you out there cross your fingers for me, pretty please.


I hope the holidays are treating you well and I promise to start talking about bad breakups and poor me very soon.


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