Life is never what we plan or expect…

So I have not been a good blogger in the least this year.

But that is the least of it, If I’m putting it all out there. 2013 has been the year of change some good, some bad but change none the less.

I started this blog to give me focus and as you can tell that did not happen. Maybe that is my problem I worry and put so much of my energy into what I think I need to be doing for all those around me instead of focusing on me directly.


So here are the facts of where I am.

30 years old, Divorced, Single, Jobless, Living at home with my mother. I’m such a winner on paper aren’t I???


Okay so you know I got divorced this year that’s not news at this point and I turned 30 years old which bothered me at first but after 29 I was ready to be 30. Single is new as of a little over a week 😦 Adam and I were together 5 months and then one day we just weren’t and sadly that is pretty much all I know about what happened. I cried but I refuse to let it take hold of me. He was a great guy while we were together and I know he has a lot of changes going on in his life. I like to look at it as we were there for each other to get through some tough months and now we are moving on. I will miss him deeply though.  Jobless… oh boy… Well I thought I found the perfect job, to say I had high hopes is putting it mildly. Sadly I was let down big time! The boss thought that tearing people down was a good way to get them to do a good job….I don’t know that she is even realizes how ugly she is to her employees. She told me I had a flawed personality and that I just need to accept that it is just how it is. That I need to know my limits in life and not try… this is from the woman who refused to train me as she was too busy. Sigh so after a month of being miserable I faced the facts that this was not going to be a good fit. So I resigned as I just couldn’t be called a liar (which she did call me in front of the whole office). So that was a month ago. Since when I divorced my ex husband I didn’t take anything I didn’t have a savings and that means I had to come home and suck up that I failed. I have sent my resume to over 100 people and haven’t gotten any feedback other than the position has been filled.


Now this is not a poor me post just a look at the truth and where I am. Can’t move on and past it without facing the facts of where you are now.


Good news is I have lost 30lbs this year!! Wahoo!!! I still have more to go but hey its progress.


Okay so There you have it I am me and I’m going to get up tomorrow and keep my head up and keep moving forward.


This may not have been a great post but it is a start in the right direction, and can really ask for more than that?


 I hope this holiday season is treating you all well.  As much as I am disappointed where I am right now, I am blessed to have people who still believe in me and are willing to let me come home when everything falls apart.


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