A work in progress…

With each new day I’m trying to focus on making a better me and just finding myself again.


I am a very strong person but some time during my marriage I allowed myself to fall away for the person he wanted me to be. Looking back I know it was a very slow process but it happened and I’m still in shock that I allowed it to. Anyone who knows me knows that just doesn’t sound like me. So here I am working towards finding Jolly again.


During my marriage I did the stereotypical weight game 😦 A lot came from depression and all the hormones I was given during fertility treatments. But I’m going to say this right now none of it is a good enough excuse for gaining 60lbs in 5 years.

So focus point number 1 is getting healthy.

So all you nutrition gurus out there send me your tips cause I need all the help I can get.

My first goal is 20lbs

I also would like to run a 5K for my 30th birthday in September, seems like a great way to ring in 30.

So I’ll be talking about the health tips I come across as well as update on my progress on getting healthy.



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